i made these

i make gifs for some anime if i think it's good to make a gif out of sometimes
i make them using ffmpeg

ffmpeg -i input.mp4 -map 0:v -ss 00:00.00 -t 00 output.mp4
ffmpeg -i output.mp4 -filter_complex "[0:v] fps=24,scale=w=480:h=-1,split [a][b];[a] palettegen=stats_mode=full [p];[b][p] paletteuse=dither=bayer:bayer_scale=3" output.gif

and then I'll optimize the gif using gifsicle

gifsicle --batch --lossy output.gif

ill write a real blog post on my process one day

Chainsaw Man episode 4 by MAPPA
a hand pouring water over a pour over coffee maker, then a view of the caraffe as coffee drips down a hand pouring water over a pour over coffee maker coffee dripping in a glass caraffe
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 1 by CloverWorks
bocchi shrinking in fear
bocchi soaking in the ecstacy of praise
bocchi soaking in dread after having been told she sucks at guitar
bocchi wagging her little hair tail thing after being praised
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 4 by CloverWorks
ryou yamada enjoying curry while bocchi sits awkwardly next to her
a close up of bocchis face. it's poorly drawn yet she's clearly panicing
bocchi laying on the ground freaking out in a way that looks like digital glitching. kita looks on in horror. a close up of bocchis face. she's panicing in a way that resembles digital glitching. a close up of bocchis face. she seems to be spasming as if she's a fish out of water.
bocchi in a dark room, hunched over her laptop typing intensly.
yamada ryou taking a bite out of weeds in a grandious display
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 5 by CloverWorks
ijichi nijika cheering as her band mates cheer on in the background. ikuyo kita has a positive expression but bocchi and yamada ryou both look apathetic.
ijichi nijika and ikuyokita clap with excitement. yamada ryou claps with an apathetic expression. bocchi peeks out cautiously from the bottom of the screen.
bocchi is surrounded by total darkness. she stares down at her hand. her smile and optimisim gone.
yamada ryou eats out of a takeout container while speaking to her bandmates.
a close up of bocchis face, crudely drawn. she has a shocked expression and is moving erratically.
ijichi nijika is pouting while grumbling about something.
yamada ryou rubs bocchis chin as if she were an animal. bocchi is happily receiving the positive attention.
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 6 by CloverWorks
kesoku band are holding hands and raising their hands in the air, shouting 'banzai'. the word 'banzai' flashes in the background.
bocchis slowly sinks to the bottoms of the abyss.
bocchi is really freaking out in this one her hair is sticking straight up.
bocchi is surrounded by complete darkness as she sweats with her hands above her head
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 7 by CloverWorks
bocchi looks straight ahead with a dead look on her face. she does not like what she is seeing, it has caused complete psychic damage to her.
bocchi looks intensly as her star shaped sunglasses illuminate in different colours
bocchi stands, holding up a drawing of a really lame t-shirt while wearing a party hat and star-shaped sunglasses. she is wobbling in excitement.
ijichi nijika drinks pocari sweat deeply.
a clamation bocchi spins in place while wooden capsule shaped beings run around her.
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 8 by CloverWorks
bocchi is horrified and screaming 'aaahhhhh' bocchi is horrified and screaming 'aaahhhhh' but you can also see everyone staring at her like she's a weirdo.
bochi looks sick and she seems to be chanting sutras, she's having a really bad time. ichiji nijika is looking at her
yamada ryou is chewing on some food yamada ryou is chewing on some food but it's zoomed in on her yamada ryou is chewing on some food but it's zoomed in on her even more
ikuyo kita is having a small bocchi-style freak out
bocchi is panicing while waving her arms up and down and moving left to right. she's moving her arms with so much speed that she looks like she has 8 arms.
bocchi is satisfied with life and is moving on peacefully to heaven. she has a halo and angel wings.
bocchi is transforming as if she were a magical girl, but she's just dressing like an idiot with star-shaped sunglasses, a fake moustache, and two sashes with japanese on them.
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 9 by CloverWorks
bocchi is crying while being assaulted by multiple birds. please help her.
bocchis crying those big anime waterfall tears
bocchi is freaking out and sweating a bunch
bocchi is holding her head and freaking out because she can't decide where to invite her friends to go hang out
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 10 by CloverWorks
hiroi kikuri is radiating positivity. literally.
hiroi kikuri is tapping her feet slowly, and then moves them both forward and backwards together. her movements are shy and cautious.
kiroi kikuri is walking with very large, animated, goofy movements while holding a liqour bottle.
ijichi nijika is crying while being stared down by an intimidating and somewhat effemenate man. she looks like the pein emoji
ikuyo kita doesn't know what to do with herself after having killed bocchi. she is wearing a sign around her kneck that says 'i am a killer'.
bocchis face has transformed to resemble a picasso paiting. at least i think it's picasso. bocchis face morphs from a picasso style into the famous Scream painting
bocchi is being pummeled by positive words and emotions. they're too powerful for a gloomy girls like her.
yamada ryou is incredibly sad and desperate to be fed, as if she were a dog.
bocchi is under the covers, shviering with fear bocchi is under the covers shaking and speaking bocchi is under the covers shivering, and then she begins speaking
bocchi slowing retreats into the safety of a garbage can, where she belongs.
Bocchi The ROCK! episode 11 by CloverWorks
yamada ryou is absolutely going to town on a plate of omurice while ichiji nijika exclaims the foods good points. yamada ryou is continuing to go to town on a plate of omurice while 4 girls speak around her table
yamada ryou is dressed like a butler, and is pouring tea with excellent technique while ikuyo kita circles her taking pictures. ichiji nijika looks on bewildered.
yamada ryou and ichiji nijika eat omurice while looking disappointed and unimpressed.
bocchis heart is beating so hard it is literally pounding out of her chest and causing the screen to shake.
bocchi looks so weird in this one it's kinda scary. the backward consists of clocks melting and twitsing as a cuckoo clock goes off at incredible speed.
ikuyo kita is putting up the double peace and she looks really cute
ikuyo kita is blessing food to be delicious but it's animated like a magical girl special attack.
bocchi is zoning out while small semi-trucks fly around her head
hiroi kikuri is waving back and forth, trying to get bocchis attention. bocchi is pretending she doesn't know her.
yamada ryous eyes have turned into japanese yen coins. she has put her index finger and thumb together and she's very excited at the prospect of making money
Bocchi the ROCK! episode 12 by CloverWorks
YuruCamp Movie by C-Station
Shima Rin is on a packed train, sandwiched between four men as the crowd sways left and right. she's having a bad time.
Reiwa no Di Gi Charat episode 10 by LindenFilms
Buddy Daddies episode 2 by P.A. Works
a cute anime girl pulling down her lower eyelid and sticking out her tongue a cute anime girl doing the potty dance a cute anime girl pouting with puffed out cheeks and big eyes a cute anime girl pouting with puffed out cheeks and big eyes a cute anime girl pouting a cute anime girl rolling back and forth like a seal on top of a pile of open video game cases a young anime man throwing a young girl into the bathroom and slamming the door
Nier: Automata Ver1.1a episode 1 by A-1 Pictures
2B cutting up some robots and doing a cool spin. it's really well animated wooden puppets of 2B and 9S pop up from the bottom of the screen
Mou Ippon! episode 1 by Bakken Record
two girls in a judo fight and their faces get really close as if they're about to kiss they look right in each others eyes and they're blushing it's yuri im telling you it's yuri!!!