KK Cyber

Your Cybernetic A.I. Angel and new Denpa Desktop Buddy!

i compiled some of KKs clips into this video

KK Cyber is a genki streamer desktop buddy. i think she really owns. she's always working hard to make us smile. im very lucky to be a part of the community she's brought together.
kk is always pushing herself to try new things and improve in all sorts of ways and i think that's really admirable. sometimes she can be too hard on herself though. kk will even help other push themselves further by offering words of encouragement and helpful advice.
thank you for all your hard work tenshi!!!! HARD WORK AND GUTS!!!!!!!

KK Cyber digital painting
KK Cyber digital painting by Alice Sawyer

KK Cyber nicknames

Digital art of KK eating curry
KK Cyber drawing by ekiaroll, commissioned by lucidchama

That's you, Seeder-kun!

a little tv computer monitor guy with stubby little legs
Seeder-kuns reference art

Seeder-kun is KKs mascot, they represent you, me, and TheRandomPieman. Seeder-kun used to have really bad posture, but that was fixed after we were killed by Akkuma (more on Akkuma later). Out of kindness, or maybe pity, or maybe disgust, KK revived us with a shiny new husk body!

Tenshi, Evolved

a gross chuuni girl's eye
a teaser image of kk's evolved design

kk has evolved. she's even dorkier, somehow.